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    Collette Troutman

I grew up in a family of very talented artists, and I believe that has shaped my love for art. I remember as a little girl I would spend hours watching my father hand paint signs and race cars, learning as much as I could. I have been working for my father since high school at the age of sixteen, printing hats, t shirts, sweatshirts and bags. I watched the business grow from just a little shop in a room rented off of someone's garage, to an actual booming business. I got paid very little and got all the challenging jobs no one wanted, but no matter how hard the job was, nothing could make me quit. I just love the job, it's amazing seeing people come in with an idea and see that idea transformed into their logo. I love seeing the excited look on their face when they see their logo on their finished t-shirts. I have always had a passion for printing, and there is nothing better than seeing a client's simple design transformed into their completed project.

     I have worked for my father for over twenty years learning and building the family business. We have been shaping and modifying the business into something bigger and better each year. Our goals are to be fast, producing great quality and environmentally friendly products. We use the capabilities of six printing colors, that mix and match well with different t-shirt fabrics. We benefit everyone imaginable, for example small businesses, bowling teams, clubs, and bands. Because of the tecnological era we're in, we believed it was time to make the business more electronic. We wanted to give the customer the opportunitiy to choose styles, designs, and sizes online and have the finished product delivered right to the their door. We are doing everything possible to make our customers happy with our products and their experience with our bussiness.

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